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Based in the Chicago suburb of Rolling Meadows, Maxelerate was founded by Jon Maxim at the request of a client. When Jon tried to sell that client some computer hardware, the CIO said "We can buy the hardware from anyone. But you've had experience selling technology and training salespeople. You would be much more use helping us negotiate with the vendor since you know what goes on behind the scenes!"

Thus was born Maxelerate. We help Procurement, Sourcing, Purchasing and IT professionals from all industries and government agencies to get better deals from suppliers. We do it through Training, Consulting and Leadership Implementation. You can find out more about these topics by clicking on the link at the left.

We have grown to include experienced professional consultants with many years of practical hands-on experience in a number of specialist fields. To find out more about our negotiating principles, check out our Negotiating In Large Negotiations Document by clicking the link below. This document needs the free Adobe® Acrobat® Reader® which you can download by clicking on its icon. You can also get more information from us by clicking the contact link below.

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To get more information about Maxelerate and find out how you can get better results quickly, call toll free (866)855-5335 or contact us by clicking here.