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Skilled Resources for
Your Projects


Are your procurement projects piling up?
Do you have a temporary need for specialist skills?
Would you like your employees to enhance their skills?

If you do, Maxelerate Consulting is designed to help you in these and many other areas. Our Consultants can negotiate on your behalf, develop strategy for you or just support you behind the scenes. They are all  highly-skilled with many years of hands-on experience. Their real-world experience is derived from working with a variety of clients and complex deals. They are sensitive to organizational cultures and internal considerations.

Chances are if you have a special Procurement or Sourcing need, we have a Consultant  to fill it. Everything you get from our Consultants is designed to Maximize your Return on Investment and Accelerate Results. Following are some ideas on how you can use our services:

  • Projects ranging from simple tasks to large complex deals in large complex organizations

  • Preparation of Requests for Proposal / Requests for Information ensuring:

    • They meet all your requirements with buy-in from all your stakeholders

    • Vendors are tied in to the commitments made in their proposals

    • The contract you want is virtually negotiated when the RFP is issued

  • Preparation of Contracts and Statements of Work

  • Requirements definitions

  • Business case analysis

  • Service Level definitions including:

    • Establishing metrics

    • Warranties

    • Indemnifications, remedies and rewards

  • Drafting and maintaining Negotiation Strategy Documents

  • Contract review and renegotiation for mergers and acquisitions

  • Perform internal and external surveys such as:

    • Comparing your procurement processes to Industry Best Practices

    • Supplier profiles

    • Determine internal client attitudes and compliance with your Procurement Process

  • eProcurement projects including auctions and reverse auctions

  • Software and hardware asset management

  • Complete outsourcing projects

  • Development and implementation of exit strategies e.g.:

    •  Bad deals

    •  Insourcing of outsourced function

  • Vendor management projects including:

    • Performance measurement and tracking

    • Contract management automation and implementation

    • Performance optimization

  • Assistance with work overload

To learn more about Maxelerate Consulting and accelerate your projects, call us toll free at (866)855-5335 or contact us by clicking here.