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Accelerate is a periodic on-line resource for top-tier executives responsible for any facet of sourcing and procurement. Maxelerate is a full-service consulting organization specializing in procurement negotiation methods and sourcing advisory for domestic and international organizations. We decided to publish Accelerate as a service for our clients to help them stay current with the phenomenal amount and pace of change in this phase of business.

You can receive a free personal subscription to Accelerate to begin building a file of useful information that could prevent you from making a costly blunder. In our business, information changes so fast that what was current as little as 12 months ago could hurt you, your company and your career today. Our goal is to help you keep up with these rapid changes in the marketplace.

Here are copies of previous Accelerate newsletters. Articles have been provided by Maxelerate consultants and contributing editors. If you would like to subscribe to the Accelerate newsletter, click here.

The contents of the Newsletters may be copied, reproduced or freely distributed for all nonprofit purposes without the consent of Maxelerate Systems Ltd. as long as Maxelerate Systems Ltd. is included. Example: The Accelerate newsletter is reproduced with permission from Maxelerate Systems Ltd. ©2005 Maxelerate Systems Ltd. All rights reserved.

Newsletter 1 "A Whole New World of Outsourcing"

Newsletter 2 "Herding Cats – It’s Impossible…Or Is It?"

Newsletter 3 "Oracle & Peoplesoft – A Creative Negotiating Opportunity"

Newsletter 4 "Seven Rules for Making a Great Deal"

Newsletter 5 "Sarbanes Oxley and IT – Threat or Opportunity?"

Newsletter 6 "Do Your Contracts Have Booby Traps?"

Newsletter 7 "The Allure Of Offshore Outsourcing (Part 1)"

Newsletter 8 "The Allure Of Offshore Outsourcing (Part 2)"

Newsletter 9 "Getting IT Requirements Right!"

Newsletter 10 "IT Asset Management Selected Best Practices"

Newsletter 11 "Outsourcing - Getting Started Properly"

Newsletter 12 "What’s In Your Blackberry?"

Newsletter 13 "The Perils of Global Sourcing"

Newsletter 14 "The 'L Word' "

Newsletter 15 "The Perils of Global Sourcing (Part II)"

Newsletter 16 "Representations, Warranties And Remedies"


To get more information about Maxelerate and find out how you can get better results quickly, call toll free (866)855-5335 or contact us by clicking here.