George Pratscher

Maxelerate Partner/Lead Advisor – Procurement and IT Infrastructure Advisory

George has 20+ years of experience in planning and managing successful global purchasing, outsourcing agreements, and vendor management engagements for world-renowned multinational companies including AbbVie, McDonald’s, BP Amoco, and Baxter International among others.

He has the skill to counsel and lead clients through complex and difficult procurement projects. He understands important business drivers behind the procurement effort. George uses his experiences to secure key elements of project while mitigating client risk and dividing complex project into clearly defined deliverables.

Since 1995 George has led major engagements in sourcing, procuring, and leasing IT hardware including servers and desktops, software, services including hosting and SaaS services, telecommunications including satellite services, network/security infrastructure, and outsourced services. He has extensive experience negotiating with major IT vendors including Oracle, IBM, Cognizant, Capgemini, DxC (Sogeti/CSC) and Tata.

George worked at McDonald’s as Senior Global Sourcing Manager leading over 400 procurement projects, including a data center and the selection of an offshore consultancy. He achieved noteworthy results and significant savings for McDonald’s business.

Sel Bayhack

Maxelerate Partner

Sel Bayhack has a background as a C-Suite operations executive with 30+ years of financial leadership, including:

  • Financial & operational Due Diligence
  • Cashflow forecasting
  • Vendor & Accounts Payable management
  • Acquisition/divestiture support
  • Litigation support
  • Contract documents for real estate construction and renovation projects.
    o American Institute of Architects (AIA) contract templates.

Sel led the procurement effort for a new corporate HQ building ¾ million square foot with a $300M construction budget and achieved a 20% savings/$8M on the $40M IT budget for the project.

He also successfully managed multiple competitive RFP processes for vendor selections and contract negotiations for a variety of products and services for a global insurance company.

Tom Fawls

Maxelerate Senior Advisor

Tom is a highly accomplished sourcing and procurement specialist, contract negotiator and IT project management expert with more than 25 years of diverse experience. He has developed and implemented vendor management solutions in wide a variety of corporate environments. He also has extensive experience devising and implementing cross-functional management and administrative processes to ensure that defined procedures and corporate governance protocols are adhered to.

Tom is our IT infrastructure senior advisor. He has a broad understanding of current technical practices and has the knowledge to evaluate and assess IT environments with a view to highlighting vulnerabilities and unnecessary expenditures. He also has the necessary experience to be able to advise clients who are negotiating IT agreements and require strong protective contract language and key technical clauses.

Tom is also available to train client personnel in these areas.

Robert Goldsmith

Maxelerate Senior Advisor

As a former Senior Attorney with the Securities and Exchange Commission, Robert is a highly accomplished legal professional with a record of achievement managing legal affairs for both public and private companies.

He provides strategic legal and business advice in the following areas:

  • Federal and State securities laws, incl.:
    o SEC Reporting
    o Sarbanes-Oxley regulations
    o Proxy Statements
    o Regulatory Compliance
    o Public Offerings
    o Investor Relations
  • Equity investment agreements
  • Corporate acquisitions & divestitures
  • Equity and Debt Financing
  • Asset acquisitions
  • Corporate Restructuring
  • Joint Ventures
  • Risk Management
  • Entertainment financing
  • Strategic Legal Planning

Robert is highly experienced in drafting and negotiating agreements, and has deep experience providing strategic legal advice for startup companies.

Mike Spera

Maxelerate Senior Advisor

Mike Spera has more than 30+ years of experience in negotiations and the development and management of the global sourcing function. He has led wide ranging negotiations for a Fortune 5 company and was instrumental in building a global technology procurement function for a Fortune 50 company. At each engagement, he led the cultural change towards utilizing the leveraged sourcing process.

In the Benefits category Mike has negotiated with industry leaders in medical insurance, pension services, wellness and pharmacy benefits and audits.

Mike also has a substantial book of work in technology and is a recognized Microsoft licensing expert.

Mike has a track record of multi-million dollar sustained savings across the portfolio of his work.

Alvin Kelley

Maxelerate IT Application Developer

Al has provided consulting services to corporate clients in design and development of IT solutions for more than 20 years. He has experience with the development of trading floor systems for pricing of real-time bond trading, solution development for insurance underwriting systems, and supplier data analysis for a global restaurant chain.

Al is an analytical and innovative data analyst with multifaceted experience in software construction, system migration, database management and coding. He is a highly accomplished programmer dedicated to conceptualizing and re-engineering manual and inefficient processes to improve performance, increase security, and minimize downtime. He focuses on the bottom line and seeks innovative solutions to challenging problems to maximize profitability.

Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer and Application developer with deep experience in:

  • Microsoft Office Developer Tools
  • MS Access
  • VBA
  • Visual Studio
  • Java Script
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Oracle
  • Github
  • Eclipse
  • Mini Tab
  • C#
  • MVC4
  • MS Excel Analytics
  • IDashboards (BI Software)
  • SQL Server:
    o Business Intelligence Program
    o Reporting Services
    o Integration Services