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Maxelerate has decades of experience and specialization in a wide range of Sourcing and Procurement areas.

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Our signature service encompasses the entire suite of procurement skills and is most often performed with a full team embedded within the client’s procurement department.

Outsource Procurement Services
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Our signature service encompasses an entire suite of procurement skills, which are executed by a team embedded within the client’s procurement department.


  1. Contract Negotiation services
    • Contract Management services
    • Sourcing of specific vendors and performing end-to-end procurement services under a competitive, multi-vendor scenario if required.
      i. These include all goods or services a company may need with a sub-specialty in IT Sourcing and Procurement.
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  2. Vendor Management
  3. Training & mentoring for all services
  4. Deployment of Maxelerate’s proprietary workflow management tool is used to manage the entire procurement life cycle according to the client’s own process and governance procedures. Our system offers powerful on-demand analytics, which allow your procurement managers to fully understand where bottlenecks and process breakdowns exist.
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Contract Negotiations is a process between two or more parties, with the goal of completing a mutually agreed-upon transaction.

A successful contract negotiation is achieved through a strategic and focused discussion that includes “terms and conditions” concerning price and payments, in addition to a multitude of conditions related to the apportionment of risks and the ability of either party to cancel or extend the terms of the contract.

In the process of negotiation, each party will need to concede on some aspects — and hold firm on others.

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Normally, the final stage in a vendor selection process involves developing a contract negotiation strategy. The worst contract negotiation objective is to “bleed every last cent” out of the vendor for the lowest price. The best agreements result in a partnership between the vendor and the purchasing company so that both entities achieve their corporate goals. A well negotiated agreement will provide a firm foundation to build a long-lasting relationship between parties.

Contract Management, a subset of Contract Negotiations, is the process of managing contract creation, execution and analysis to maximize operational and financial performance. Management also includes reducing financial, operational and cyber risk. In today’s competitive business climate, companies are under increasing pressure to reduce costs and improve company performance.

Contract Negotiations

Vendor Management is a structured program of activities deployed within organizations that enables cost controls, attainment of service excellence and the mitigate concomitant risks to gain increased value from their vendors throughout a contract life cycle.
Vendor management systems involve working closely with vendors to make purchasing decisions and maintaining relationships with vendors for as long as they provide necessary products and services that best fit the company’s requirements.

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One of the key attributes of a vendor management policy for an organization allows the vendors to be categorized based on risk. A policy like this identifies which vendors put the organization most at risk and then describes processes and procedures for the vendor management group to follow which then heighten awareness within key groups of the organization and allows an orderly mitigation of the risk along with appropriate contract terms and conditions which will either lessen that risk or provide the necessary insurance coverages and suitable cancellation language to allow a rapid extraction from the agreement should that be necessary.

The term vendor management is used to describe all the activities included in formation of a new vendor relationship:

Prior to contract signing:

  • Researching and sourcing vendors – ensuring that the requisite competencies, quality of work, turnaround times and capabilities are present with all potential vendors;
  • Obtaining competitive price quotes for a detailed written scope from multiple qualified vendors; RFx process with an independent scoring and selection process involving the business unit requesting the vendor relationship;
  • Negotiating favorable contractual terms and conditions – extension, cancellation clauses, ownership of work product, ensuring privacy, confidentiality and non-solicitation of employees, etc.;

After contract signing:

  • Managing the vendor relationship;
  • Assigning projects;
  • Evaluating performance;
  • Ensuring payments are made correctly, not duplicated and following the written company procedures for business cases, management approvals and budget compliance.

What is vendor management in procurement? Vendor management is a structured program to manage suppliers and improve their impact on the buyer’s business. It includes managing vendor deliverables, working collaboratively to co-develop new processes, managing compliance as well as payment of invoices.

The practice of vendor management enlists vendors—or businesses and individuals who provide essential products and services—to help execute their project. Companies work with multiple vendors, each with their own unique, separate contracts, terms, rates and requirements. This process creates and complex environment with multi-faceted risks and compliance requirements.

The Vendor Management function exists to handle that complexity: it’s a discipline that researches and sources vendors in the marketplace, obtains quotes for pricing, capabilities, quality and project turnaround. It also covers contract negotiations, relationship management, project allocations, performance evaluation and payments.

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Contract Negotiations

Maxelerate offers training and mentoring programs for client employees to educate and train companies in best procurement practices. Programs are customized to comply with specific company governance and documented procedures.

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